Power Rankings Week Through 01/09/2010

NHL Power Rankings presented by The Hockey Guys. These rankings will be released every Sunday directly following the show and summarize the thinking of Anthony Curatolo, Brandon Augienello and Dustin Leed.

IL: Minnesota Wild v Chicago Blackhawks
Legend: Rank – Team – Record – (Last Week) Position Change

1. Chicago Blackhawks 31-10-4 (2) +1 When you are the best you simply are the best.
2. San Jose Sharks 28-10-7 (1) -1 A few losses have shifted gears in the power rankings for the Sharks.
3. New Jersey Devils 31-10-1 (3) N/C Although the lights went out in New Jersey, the Devils haven’t lost a step in their standings.
4. Buffalo Sabres 28-11-5 (6) +2 Good teams prove that winning comes more often then not.
5. Washington Capitals 27-11-6 (9) +4 Captain Ovechking leads the charge and Washington climbs back into the top five.
6. Calgary Flames 26-14-5 (7) +1 The Flames season truly rests on the shoulders of Kipper.
7. Boston Bruins 22-15-7 (8) +1 Injuries, but they keep fighting. Will the Satan factor put them over the top?
8. Vancouver Canucks 27-16-2 (13) +5 The best line in all of hockey, but what’s missing?
9. Phoenix Coyotes 26-15-5 (10) +1 Who would of thought that the ‘Yotes would still be impressive?
10. Nashville Predators 26-16-3 (5) -5 Playoffs are possible, and we feel they will be one of the bigger buyers come deadline.
11. Colorado Avalanche 25-15-6 (4) -7 Anderson is starting to crack, as is the team. However, might be something a deadline day deal could fix.
12. Los Angeles Kings 25-17-3 (15) +3 Still floating around in the eight seed.
13. Pittsburgh Penguins 28-17-1 (11) -2 They beat the Leafs yesterday, but there are problems in Pittsburgh.
14. New York Rangers 22-17-6 (16) +2 Just think if Gaborik had another playmaker an pure goal scorer to work with. Still a dangerous team.
15. Ottawa Senators 22-19-4 (12) -3 Pouring salt in the wounds.
16. Montreal Canadiens 22-21-4 (14) -2 Did we mention injuries? Still alive in the playoffs says something for this team.
17. Philadelphia Flyers 22-19-3 (19) +2 Laviolette’s system is finally starting to show what it is capable of.
18. Detroit Red Wings 23-15-6 (17) -1 Jimmy Howard!
19. New York Islanders 19-19-8 (20) +1 40 year old Roloson is one of the few reasons the Islanders are even a decent team this year. Welcome back Ricky!
20. Dallas Stars 19-14-11 (18) -2 A team that should not give up. Plenty of future to enjoy, with also a playoff birth on the horizon.
21. Minnesota Wild 22-20-3 (21) N/C What do you make of this? We don’t even know.
22. Florida Panthers 18-20-7 (28) +6 We want to say they are a good team, but even we are unsure what to think in South Florida.
23. Tampa Bay Lightning 16-17-10 (22) -1 Same old Lightning.
24. Atlanta Thrashers 19-19-6 (23) -1 Where do we begin?
25. Anaheim Ducks 19-19-7 (24) -1 This is another team that we don’t even know where to begin. Seriousy! What went wrong in Anaheim?
26. Columbus Blue Jackets 17-20-9 (25) -1 Is it Ken Hitchcock? Or is it that this team is just not a playoff team?
27. Toronto Maple Leafs 15-22-9 (27) N/C It’s not what they have, it’s what is missing.
28. St. Louis Blues 18-19-7 (26) -2 New coach. Now its about implementing the system (See Philadelphia Flyers)
29. Carolina Hurricanes 12-24-7  (30) +1 SELL NOW!
30. Edmonton Oilers 16-23-5 (29) -1 Injuries to Khabibulin and Ales Hemskey = see above

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