If I were a betting man…

Chicago Blackhawks v San Jose Sharks

…which I am.

If I were a betting man is your daily NHL betting lines, taken from http://www.bettingexpress.com where our very own Anthony Curatolo puts his insight to the daily games.

His picks provided help for you to get ahead and get some well-deserved green back in your pocket. We cannot guarantee any success as Anthony is not a prophet or physic, however he studied the game for over 20 years and you can see his track record at the bottom of every post. If you enjoy the betting life, our suggestion is to stop here first before you put your lines in for the day.

Your daily National Hockey League Betting Lines for today Sunday January 10th, 2010:

01/10/10 151 Senators (Ottawa) +125 +1.5 (-255) Over 5 (-140)

17:05 ET 152 Hurricanes (Carolina) -145 -1.5 (+215) Under 5 (+120)

AC’s Pick: Hurricanes and Under

01/10/10 153 Ducks (Anaheim) +220 +1.5 (-130) Over 5.5 (-120)

19:05 ET 154 Blackhawks (Chicago) -260 -1.5 (+110) Under 5.5 (even)

AC’s Pick: Blackhawks and Over

01/10/10 155 Stars (Dallas) +105 +1.5 (-290) Over 5.5

19:05 ET 156 Blue Jackets (Columbus) -125 -1.5 (+235) Under 5.5

AC’s pick: Stars and Under

Sure bet of the night: Chicago Blackhawks

Season Record:  77-51
Sure bet of the night record: 11-5

Anthony Curatolo
NHLHS Senior Writer
Twitter: @ACHockeyGuys

One Response to If I were a betting man…

  1. Popeofpercentages says:

    I agree with Mr. Curatolo that Chicago is the pick. Minnesota has always played Chicago tough. The fans and team will be focused for this game. Also, both teams played last night. so, if there is any advantage to that fact, it would go to the home team (Chicago). And, Anaheim is last in their division.

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