Power Rankings Week Ending 01/03/2010

NHL Power Rankings presented by The Hockey Guys. These rankings will be released every Sunday directly following the show and summarize the thinking of Anthony Curatolo, Brandon Augienello and Dustin Leed.

Sharks' Thornton and Heatley celebrate goal against Blackhawks in Chicago

Legend: Team – Record – Position Change (Last Week)

1. San Jose Sharks – 27-8-7 (4) +3  Winners of 8 straight have propelled the Sharks to the top of the THG Power Rankings. Best team in the league deserves the best.
2. Chicago Blackhawks – 28-10-3 (2) N/C The Hawks will not go away this year and look really strong. Don’t expect a drop out of the top five much at all.
3. New Jersey Devils – 29-10-1 (1) -3 Mr. Brodeur is the best in the game, and his Devils are atop the East. Need we say more?
4. Colorado Avalanche – 24-13-6 (12) +8 The Avalanche have made strides this season and are showing that not only was it a hot start to keep them where they are.
5. Nashville Predators– 25-14-3 (6) +1 The Preds have been coming on strong, more so as of late.  Dark horse in the West? Absolutely.
6. Buffalo Sabres – 25-11-4 (9) +3 With Ryan Miller, it will be a very good season in Buffalo. He has stood on his head, and hence the Sabres are currently a home ice team.
7. Calgary Flames – 24-12-5 (10) +3 The Flames have learned to score, and with Kipper, the playoffs are an open door.
8. Boston Boston – 21-12-7 (11) +3 Winter Classic thriller, and the Bruins have erased a poor start to the season.
9. Washington Capitals – 24-11-6 (5) -4 Praying for Varlamovs return, and trying to stay strong. A slight drop in the Power Rankings.
10. Phoenix Coyotes – 25-14-4 (7) -3 Dave Tippet for coach of the year if this keeps up.
11. Pittsburgh Penguins – 26-15-1 (3) -8 What is wrong in Pittsburgh?
12. Ottawa Senators – 21-16-4 (21) +10 The Senators, even without Spezza and Alfie, are playing great hockey.
13. Vancouver Canucks – 25-16-1 (13) N/C The surging Canucks have stayed strong most of this season, and it continues into this week.
14. Montreal Canadiens – 21-19-3 (17) +3  Ever since the centennial, the Habs have turned the page.
15. Los Angeles Kings – 24-15-3 (8) -7 Struggles as of late have seen the Kings drop a bit, but still a playoff team.
16. New York Rangers – 19-17-5 (18) +2 The Rangers have Henrik Lundqvist, who has been stealing points for them. When they find some offense, watch out.
17. Detroit Red Wings – 21-14-6 (22) +5 When healthy, they can still climb back into the playoffs.
18. Dallas Stars – 18-12-11 (15) -3 The Stars are hot and cold.  Something has to give soon.
19. Philadelphia Flyers – 19-18-3 (25) +6 – A nice streak, gaining points in five straight, helped the Flyers jump up a bit.
20. New York Islanders – 17-18-8 (20) N/C The Islanders will not go away, and the playoffs are not impossible.
21. Minnesota Wild – 20-19-3 (23) +2 Surging teams are making quite the jump in the rankings. But losers of 3 is not good.
22. Tampa Bay Lightning – 16-15-10 (27) +5 The Bolts are still inconsistent, but, not down and out quite yet
23. Atlanta Thrashers – 18-17-6 (19) -4 Losers of too many in a row have seen their stock drop.
24. Anaheim Ducks – 16-18-7 (24) N/C What is up with the Ducks this season?
25. Columbus  Blue Jackets – 15-19-9 (29) +4 Trades to change some chemistry, still more is needed.
26. St. Louis Blues – 17-18-6 (16) -10 Andy Murray out, Davis Payne in.  Who is the next to go?
27. Toronto Maple Leafs – 14-19-9 (26) -1 Rise and fall, rise and fall.
28. Florida Panthers – 16-18-7 (14) -14 Talk about hot and cold, eh?
29. Edmonton Oilers – 16-22-4  (29) N/C – The Oilers are having a rough year with all the injuries. Oh where oh where has Nikolai gone, or where or where can he be?
30. Carolina Hurricanes – 11-23-7 (30) N/C – An overtime victory over the New York Rangers won’t help propel the Canes out of the basement.

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-Alexander Monaghan
NHLHS Founder

2 Responses to Power Rankings Week Ending 01/03/2010

  1. Cam says:

    Blackhawks are the best team in the league. First in goal differential. Tied for first in points and wins. First in team plus/minus.

  2. yes that was after tonights victory. as of last night (we do the power rankings on Saturdays) such was not the case at the moment. plus, it's kind of hard to take a team that has won 8 straight and not put them on top.

    next week, things could look different. I just wanted you to know that we do these post Saturday games, Sunday games not included.

    sorry for the confusion

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