When is it Time for a Change? Apparently Now

NHL 2009: Hurricanes Defeat Blues 2-1

After Thursday’s three goal meltdown by the St. Louis Blues, on HOME ICE, is it time for a change?  Apparently so as they fired coach Andy Murray this morning.

The Vancouver Canucks erased a three goal deficit in order to come out on top with a 4-3 win on the road.

Murray, aside from last seasons second half resurgence, in which the Blues made a miraculous turn around posting a record of 25-9-7 after the All-Star break, now hears his name circulating around the NHL.

Last season was the only playoff birth that the Blues received since his time with the team began.  This year a miracle season seems highly unlikely. The Blues, who many had as a lock for the playoffs, have not been able to do much of anything in a positive manner. The team can not win on home ice, they can not hold leads, and there is no sense of urgency.

A closed door meeting between the team and the organization’s brass led to a decent streak of getting a few games in the “W” column but now it’s right back to the same old Blues.

The city of St. Louis now blow their collective horns and sing exactly what the team is named after.

Now with a record of 17-17-6 and nine points out of a playoff spot, one would have to speculate the choice to remove Murray and bring in interim coach Davis Payne will help the team return to the proper direction.

The team boasts a terrible 6-13-3 on home ice this season.  That, in itself, creates a huge issue for this club.  GM Larry Pleau made the right decision changing his coaching staff, now when we he change his player personel.  Payne can only do so much with the same slumping team.

Murray has had three years with this team and, again, aside from last season there has not been much to be proud of.

We have now seen three coaching changes and we are only halfway through the season, making one wonder who could be the next casualty.

The next question would be, who do the Blues bring in to try and right this ship.  It’s a very young franchise with plenty of promise however, what type of coach would bring both exciting hockey and discipline to turn things around?

I would suggest Bob Hartley as a permanent bench boss, if the Blues decide Payne to be a truly interim coach.  The man has a fire that this young team could use.

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Anthony Curatolo
NHLHS Contributor


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