Possible Scenarios with Mathieu Schneider Placed on Waivers

Vancouver Canucks v Montreal Canadiens

Earlier today, the Vancouver Canucks placed veteran defenseman Mathieu Schneider on waivers.  Team 1040 AM Vancouver interviewed head coach Alain Vigneault about the team’s recent play and their decision to place him on waivers.

Both the Canucks and Schneider mutually felt waivers was the best route to take.  According to reports the team attempted to trade the veteran for the past month, but there were no buyers.

In this cap constrained era of the new NHL his hefty cap hit of 2.75 million is quite the amount to absorb, so most teams should pass on a waiver claim.  Now, the speculation changes to the veteran getting put on re-entry waivers, in which a team would absorb roughly a 1.25 million cap hit. Let the rumors begin as to which GM decides to pick up the phone and contact Canucks GM Mike Gillis should he place Schneider on re-entry waivers.  As a veteran of 22 seasons and experienced powerplay quarterback, the 40-year-old could help a team in need of depth.

A brief run down as to who might go after his services should he go on re-entry waivers:

New York Islanders – The power play quarterback Mark Streit could use a more seasoned partner and Schneider could make a better option then Bruno Gervais or Freddie Meyer.

Phoenix Coyotes – The team looks very serious this season and even after they went out and recently signed Anders Eriksson, the blue line and power play could use a little more help.

Buffalo Sabres – If I’m the Sabres I make sure to attempt a claim in hopes that no team below them on the wire get involved. As stated above, all the same reasons why he would fit well in Buffalo.

Washington Capitals – Of course the Caps would make the least amount of sense, but veteran presence makes a huge difference come playoff time.

Montreal Canadiens – He had a decent stint with the Habs last season, and defense is seriously a problem. There is history there, and history tends to repeat itself.
These are just some ideas to throw around in discussion.

Do not, however, be surprised if a team comes out of no where to make the claim.  In today’s NHL, it’s the unexpected that turns out to be the winner more times then not.

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Anthony Curatolo
NHLHS Contributor

One Response to Possible Scenarios with Mathieu Schneider Placed on Waivers

  1. Jann says:

    I dont see montreals defence as being in trouble. morkov is doing amazingly and hamrlik is now back. it should click in place if it hasnt done so already.

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