Power Rankings Week Ending 12/27/2009

NHL Power Rankings presented by The Hockey Guys. These rankings will be released every Sunday directly following the show and summarize the thinking of Anthony Curatolo, Brandon Augienello and Dustin Leed.

Ottawa Senators v New Jersey Devils

Legend: Team – Record – Position Change (Last Week)

1. New Jersey Devils 26-9-1 +2 (3) Brodeur makes it difficult to defeat them. 8-2 over their last ten games.
2. Chicago Blackhawks 25-9-3 -1 (1) The Hawks gained a lot from the playoffs last year. It’s showing this season.
3. Pittsburgh Penguins 26-11-1 +1 (4) The two headed monster and a very talented Marc Andre Fleury could have repeat written on this season.
4. San Jose Sharks 23-8-7 -2 (2) Second in the West for a reason. Depth and a sick top 6; and Nabby is great in the regular season.
5. Washington Capitals 24-8-6 N/C (5) It seems as if it doesn’t matter who plays net in Washington, they know how to Win.
6. Nashville Predators 22-13-3 +6 (12) The Preds are a streaky team, but they fight hard on a nightly basis. Playoffs or bust!
7. Phoenix Coyotes 24-13-2 +3 (10) The Coyotes are the team telling the best story this season.
8. Los Angeles Kings 22-13-3 N/C (8) From worst to first (in a sense) is this years Kings motto.
9. Buffalo Sabres 22-11-4 -3 (6) Ryan Miller. ‘Nuff said.
10. Calgary Flames 20-11-5 N/C (10) Steady, and with Kipper they are hard to beat.
11. Boston Bruins 18-11-7 N/C (11) Tuukka Rask, Mark Recchi, Mark Savard, Patrice Bergeron. Need I say more?
12. Colorado Avalanche 22-12-6 +1 (13) Joe Sacco will be giving Dave Tippet a run for his money for coach of the year.
13. Vancouer Canucks 22-16-0 -4 (9) Katie Perry said it best: “Youre hot and youre cold”. However, still clinging onto a playoff spot.
14. Florida Panthers 16-16-7 +15 (29) Yes, a .500 team and the playoffs are not impossible. Who knew?
15. Dallas Stars 16-11-11 +1 (16) Give Turco a team to play for with hopes of winning a cup.
16. St. Louis Blues 17-15-5 +7 (23) Above .500, but unable to stay the course. Change could be a good thing.
17. Montreal Canadiens 19-18-3 +1 (18) Keep an eye on the Habs, especially when Gionta returns. Playoffs are possible. Halak, Price? Doesn’t matter!
18. New York Rangers 18-16-4 +6 (24) Once Lundqvist can stop letting in his one bad goal a game, they will be a serious threat.
19. Atlanta Thrashers 18-15-4 -2 (17) Losing to the Bolts doesnt say much for this season.
20. New York Islanders 15-17-7 -1 (20) A young, determined club with a lot of growing to do. Roloson has been stellar. Could be a playoff squeaker.
21. Ottawa Senators 19-15-4 -7 (14) This team is just a big solid ?
22. Detroit Red Wings 19-14-5 -9 (13) Injuries. Playoffs are a hope, but could be a dream.
23. Minnesota Wild 19-16-3 -2 (21) Burn baby burn, but yet still find ways to win.
24. Anaheim Ducks 15-16-7 +3 (27) Ship out Scott and Teemu as soon as possible.
25. Philadelphia Flyers 17-18-2 N/C (25) Injuries, but inconsistant team play. This is the shock team of the East.
26. Toronto Maple Leafs 13-17-9 +1 (27) No Kessel destroyed the start of this season. Another team that needs some change.
27. Tampa Bay Lightning 14-15-19 -1 (26) Same old Bolts. Vinny who?
28. Edmonton Oilers 15-19-4 -8 (20) Losers of six straight means look to see the Oilers as sellers soon.
29. Columbus Blue Jackets 14-18-7 -10 (19) When your ego is bigger then your game; you don’t get much support in losing.
30. Carolina Hurricanes 9-22-7 N/C (30) Wow! There is always Taylor Hall.

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-Alexander Monaghan
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