If I were a betting man…

Chicago Blackhawks v San Jose Sharks

…which I am

Record: 6-5

Tonight’s hot picks for your daily dose of NHL betting:

12/22/09 501 Sharks (San Jose) +135 +1.5 (-230) Over 5.5 (+110)

20:05 ET 502 Blackhawks (Chicago) -155 -1.5 (+190) Under 5.5 (-130)

AC’s Pick: Hawks and Under

12/22/09 503 Ducks (Anaheim) +105 +1.5 (-290) Over 5.5 (even)

22:05 ET 504 Avalanche (Colorado) -125 -1.5 (+235) Under 5.5 (-120)

AC’s Pick: Ducks and Under

12/22/09 505 Predators  (Nashville) +135 +1.5 (-230) Over 5.5 (+105)

22:35 ET 506 Canucks (Vancouver) -155 -1.5 (+190) Under 5.5 (-125)

AC’s Pick: Canucks and Over

Sure bet of the night: Chicago Blackhawks

(lines courtesy of  www.bettingexpress.com)

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Anthony Curatolo
NHLHS Contributor


2 Responses to If I were a betting man…

  1. powerforward says:

    hawks as a sure win over the sharks? yea right

  2. The Sharks are coming off a game last night, and didn't have that much of an easy time with Dallas.

    Chicago has the best matchup and situation tonight to be the best bet.

    It's not a negative against the Sharks, it's just that I feel it's the lock bet of the night for the Hawks as they have everything going for them, plus the Sharks are in a b2b situation.

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