Doomsday in Philthadelphia

Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers

The newest question circulating around Flyer nation is…

When will Peter Laviolette step down from being the coach?

Signs of frustration are apparent, and rightfully so.  So, if the fans are that frustrated, you can imagine how the organization must feel.  Replacing a coach usually is the first attempt to  problems within a team. So when the Flyers handed Stevens a pink slip and hired Laviolette quickly signing him to a three-year contract, a fix was expected.

So Flyers nation, we can all understand frustration, but let’s get a grip.  Is there a way for GM Paul Holmgren to right the ship and avoid a season like 2006-07?  Hopefully, but I don’t think it will be either certain or quick.

I caught a story today over at Habs Inside/Out, which they reported a rumor that might make a lot of sense for both clubs involved.  Of course, if this trade was close to happening, it might not go down as such now due to last night’s Flyer game. Regardless, the trade rumored is…

To Montreal:

Jeff Carter
Brian Boucher

To Philadelphia:

Jaroslav Halak
Hal Gill
Tomas Plekanec

The problem:

Boucher left last nights game with a lacerated finger and received “more then a few” stitches leaving him with no timetable for returning.

What this trade brings for the Canadiens:  A pure, first-line player and proven goal scorer and a veteran back-up netminder to give Carey Price a decent option when he needs a break.  This trade would also could help them come playoff time should the Habs be able to sneak in.

What this trade brings for the Flyers:  A young, solid goalie and a pure second line center.  The trade also gives the Flyers their much needed shake up.

This reporter would tweak this deal a bit to look more like…

To Montreal:
Simon Gagne
Braydon Coburn
Brian Boucher

To Philadelphia:

Jaroslav Halak
Tomas Plekanec
Hal Gill
2nd Round Draft Pick in 2010

However, we can clearly see why the Habs would want Carter over Gagne.  Injuries to the latter certainly decrease his values while Carter represents a hefty ransom for their young goalie with the capability to be a starter in this League

If there was any smoke to these original reported rumors, it might only be coming from the back burner at this point.  Unless Boucher has a miracle recovery and is ready to jump back into action within a weeks time, GM Bob Gainey most likely shuts the door on these talks.  In addtition,  I know that the great fans of Montreal would not be happy about this move as they currently praise the play of Plekanec, hoping he signs long term.  But hockey is a business, and in this business you have to give to get.

Either way all we can do is allow time to take it’s course and if a deal does happen, we hope that it works out for both teams involved.

Will there be a Christmas miracle for the Flyers this year?  Probably not.  Makes you wonder how NBC feels about involving the team in this years Winter Classic.  I, for one, am in a state of shock.

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Anthony Curatolo
NHLHS Contributor

3 Responses to Doomsday in Philthadelphia

  1. Mike says:

    Plekanec has been the Habs best player all season. There is no indication that Pleks wants to leave Montreal and will not resign so why on earth would the Habs deal him off. Makes no sense.

  2. Bryan says:

    At the end of the day though, Plecanek doesn't habe half the skill of Jeff Carter. Carter is a guy you can build around. T.P. has never looked like a dominate leader nor a pure sniper like Carter. Carter could use to get out of that wreck.

  3. Pleks is also an RFA, and if negotiations aren't going well, Gainey could use that agianst Pleks and obtain a kid who scored 46 goals in his early 20's.

    carter for halak + pleks kind of makes sense #'s wise as well as the fact that Pleks might not sign in MTL or PHI and Gainey gets a year and a half of Jeff Carter. a Pure #1 C as well.

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