Peter Mueller on His Way to Broadway?

Columbus Blue Jackets v Phoenix Coyotes

Look closely at the picture to the right, it may be the last time you see Peter Mueller in a Coyotes jersey.

The 21-year-old native of Bloomington, Minnesota continues to baffle both his coaching staff and fans alike with his minimal effort and limited offensive production.  With only one goal and six points all season, Mueller sits on the hot seat almost begging GM Don Maloney to trade him elsewhere.

If you are keeping score at home, those totals project to an impressive three goals and 18 points.

Since the inception of Dave Tippett into the coaching staff, the entire Coyotes organization seems to thrive.  Tippett implemented his system quickly as he took over in preseason with little time to spare. The system teaches his youngsters solid two-way play and evidently turned Ilya Bryzgalov into a Vezina Trophy candidate.

Meanwhile Mueller’s totals have only plummeted from a successful rookie campaign under Wayne Gretzky.  Greatly slowing down over the second portion of last season many people had high hopes the talented youngster would turn it around.  The right wing played 28 games before watching from the press box since December 14th.

So what will Maloney do with Mueller?

The rumors I’ve heard circulating are to the New York Rangers. On December 11, we wrote a piece on Mueller noting Maloney shot down a deal involving Bobby Sanguinetti.  Considering the Coyotes selected Mueller 8th overall, they feel entitled to more value than a defensive prospect.  Considering his name was once synonymous with Phil Kessel, Jonathan Toews and Jordan Staal I can see why they feel this way.

The newest rumors involved Sanguinetti and a draft choice (remember the Rangers are without their third-round pick) or perhaps Christopher Higgins, a young player also struggling to find his scoring touch.  Regardless, Mueller contains an immense amount of talent and desperately needs a change of scenary.  He could be John Tortorella’s newest project, molded in the image of Vincent Lecavalier himself.

Due to our holiday trade break all we can do is speculate but Mueller could be very close to donning a Rangers sweater.  A move to New York would certainly boost the kid’s fantasy value.  Pretty much a move anywhere would at this point.

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-Alexander Monaghan
NHLHS Founder

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