No Goalie Starters 10/18/2009

Hey guys,

So there are no games tonight but I thought I would take this time to address my loyal following.  It has always been my dream to both help people and write about sports, with nhlhotstove I am able to do both and I cannot tell you how enjoyable it is. 

I am committed to checking every possible source from every team in order to get it right and so far I think that this has been acheived, at least with 98% accuracy.  I want to thank everybody who has visited for their support and would like to encourage anyone and everyone to spread the word.

In the upcoming couple of weeks there will be some changes.  I plan on moving the site over to, which is reserved and currently under construction.  The new site will not only be goalie starters but trade rumors, in-depth analysis, weekly and monthly articles  as well as fantasy advice. 

Check out the new layout here, and check back bright and early tonight/tomorrow for your starters tomorrow!

Thank you all for your support and feel free to leave some feedback.


Alexander Monaghan

4 Responses to No Goalie Starters 10/18/2009

  1. J says:


    great job so far, can’t wait to see the new site. I’ll be glad to contribute.

    THanks agian.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey can’t wait to see the full site up and running. Not to be rude or rush you but when do you think it will be up and running? Thanks so much for doing this!!

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